You are invited to join the NFPA Facebook Live event – Outthink Wildfire

You are invited to join the NFPA Facebook Live event – Outthink Wildfire

This is a new initiative aimed at significantly lowering community wildfire risk by 2050.

In recent years, the United States has suffered a relentless tally of losses due to wildfire, a trend that experts predict will only continue to grow. The time is now to face two harsh realities: wildfires are going to happen, and the fire service alone lacks the capacity to contain and extinguish these fires at their current pace.

During the live event we will discuss the primary strategies to dramatically reduce the devastation caused by wildfires through the generation of policy at every level of government.

The event will focus on five fundamental tenets of Outthink Wildfire and feature remarks and a live Q&A session with our panel of experts, including:

  • Jim Pauley, President and CEO, NFPA
  • Roy Wright, President and CEO, Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS)
  • Jeffrey D. Johnson, Fire Chief (Ret.), Chief Executive, Western Fire Chiefs Association
  • Alison Alter, Austin District 10 City Council Member

NFPA is calling for an end to the destruction of communities caused by wildfire. The key to success is to start now!

Through collaboration that begins with policy implementation, we can reverse direction and pursue a course of action that will better protect our communities, citizens, and first responders. Your presence at this event and participation in advocating for change is critical.

Mark your calendars for 23 February 2021, at 2pm ET and share our Facebook Live invite with your network on social media.

To join the event click here.

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