Top Regional Venue and Event Owners Meeting at Public Venues & Events Safety & Security 2017 Singapore

Top Regional Venue and Event Owners Meeting at Public Venues & Events Safety & Security 2017 Singapore

An exciting large-scale conference, Public Venues & Events Safety & Security highlights the roles and frameworks for security professionals in effectively managing the safety and security of the people at public venues and events. This event will be held on the 27th Feb – 1st Mar 2017 in Singapore with brand new and innovative conference formats, proudly hosted by Marcus Evans.

It is unfortunate that event organizers learn to react and manage better from previous disasters. Michael James Kelly, the Chief Fire Officer of The Dubai Waterfront pointed out that “Many things can be learnt from an ill managed public event; a systematic review and feedback session post event gives the opportunity for all venue staff to feed into any cause and effect matrix where critical points within the preparation had failed and lessons learned.”

Costs are often one of the critical factors which are not receiving the right attention when it comes to the issue of event security. “Careful planning and early involvement of security experts is important which requires time, resources and attention. Mostly event organizers want to keep security costs as low as possible to reduce the overall costs for events,” said Jan Dalheimer, Regional Security Director Asia Save the Children Singapore, who is also one of the esteemed speakers at the event. “This often leads to last minute involvement of safety & security specialists who are basically asked to sign-off on an event without having been given the opportunity for a careful security risk and/or site assessment.”

This conference will showcase presentations and discussions by key distinguished speakers, including Damian Bush (Senior Director, Venues & Events Management, Sportshub, Singapore), Rick Riding (Accessibility Lead, Sports Ground Safety Authority, United Kingdom), Tan Puay Kern (Vice President Of Security, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore), Dato’ Razlan Razali (Chief Executive Officer, Formula 1 Sepang Circuit, Malaysia), Victor Cui (Chief Executive Officer, One Fighting Championship, Singapore), Siu Yow Wee (Director, Station Operations, SMRT Corporation, Singapore), Jan Dalheimer (Regional Security Director Asia, Save The Children, Singapore) and Morgan Jones (Regional Director of Operations, US Navy Region Singapore (NRCS), Singapore). These speakers represent many important facets of safety and security.

Among the highlights of the conference include an exclusive 3rd day Training Drill Power-Day with three high-skill assignment sessions and a complimentary tour of the Singapore SportsHub. Attendees will leave with the ideal plan to armour their next event or their venue.

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