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Telgian’s Russ Leavitt to present Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Fire Hazard Considerations webinar

The Energy Storage Systems Fire Hazard Considerations webinar is timely for fire protection professionals, as advancing technology continues to drive the innovation of power sources required to operate modern equipment. For example, power system advancements have allowed for the continuous operation of equipment, as well as for the portability of equipment from one location to another.

As further advancements continue to increase demand for the capacity to store energy for future use, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) meet the need for reliable power supplies. However, ESSs also present serious challenges and hazards to facility owners, fire protection engineers / consultants and professional fire fighters.

There are many fire hazards associated with ESSs. A simple illustration is the number of well-publicized fires caused by laptop, cell phone and hoverboard lithium-ion batteries. These tiny lithium-ion batteries actually generate a considerable amount of heat and discharge both flammable and toxic gasses.

ESSs, in comparison, are substantially larger than their small consumer counterparts. In fact, ESSs can contain tens of thousands of battery cells and are capable of storing a vast amount of electrical energy.

The many risks associated with Energy Storage Systems require careful review and understanding, as well as assessment of all associated hazards. This is particularly true since ESSs are often used in high occupancy facilities such as hospitals, airports and high-rises.

At the conclusion of the Energy Storage Systems Fire Hazard Considerations webinar attendees will be able to:

  • identify and describe the various Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in use today,
  • explain the fire hazards associated with battery storage systems,
  • describe the unique fire hazards when using lithium-ion batteries, and
  • identify and apply current code requirements for Energy Storage System (ESS) fire protection.

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About the Presenter, Russ Leavitt, SET, CFPS

Russ Leavitt is the Executive Chairman of Telgian Holdings, Inc. With over 38 years of experience, he holds a Level IV certification from NICET in Fire Sprinkler Layout and Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) designation.

He is a Board Member and 2nd Vice-Chair of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and is the chair of the NFPA 13 Sprinkler System Discharge Criteria technical committee. He also serves on the NFPA 13 Installation committee as well as the NFPA 3, NFPA 4 and NFPA 25 technical committees.

Russ conducts seminars internationally on a variety of fire and life safety related subjects and has authored numerous industry articles and training materials.