Protecting the Protectors: Emergency Responders & Traffic Incident Response

Every day, firefighters and EMS providers nationwide respond to thousands of traffic incidents. Yet while they’re working to save lives, their own safety is often put at risk. National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week (November 9-15) aims to raise awareness of this issue and reduce responder fatalities, and every emergency responder, driver, and passenger has […]


NVFC/ESO Webinar

More information and details coming soon!

Webinar: Recruiting Exceptional Crew Members in Competitive Times

Using data driven tactics to draw in and keep qualified candidates is essential to the future of the fire service. Join ESO for this free webinar to discuss current recruitment trends and how to change recruitment tactics using risk reduction impacts in the community and a data-driven development program. This session will provide tools and […]


Webinar: Harassment in the Fire Hall

Harassment in the fire service harms individuals as well as the entire emergency service organization. The need for fire department leadership to take action against discrimination and harassment is growing. Join Don Cox, education specialist with VFIS, for this free webinar to learn how to identify behaviors that “cross the line,” the importance of creating […]