Let the countdown begin


Innovation, training, and renewed synergy between the two shows.

SICUREZZA is ready to consolidate the leadership of an event with an increasingly international appeal.

SMART BUILDING EXPO extends its offering to the photovoltaic industry and smart cities.

The next edition of SICUREZZA will be back in less than a year, from 13th to 15th November 2019 at Fiera Milano.

This is Italy’s leading trade fair in the security & fire sectors and a must-attend international event for European players. Next year’s edition is going to be legendary, as many major companies will showcase their best solutions. As a matter of fact, there will be an additional pavilion and it will be an opportunity for focusing on training in the security and fire-fighting industry.

Security technologies are everywhere, from our homes – the residential sector has been growing consistently in the past few years, also thanks to government incentives – to our cities and workplaces. And SICUREZZA is getting ready to provide an overview of the current market.

Video surveillance, which has always been well represented at the trade fair, is already a widespread industry, but video cameras are enhancing their performance and are more and more sophisticated, smart, and an integral part of complex systems. This is leading to the multiplication of settings that are becoming test benches for the most innovative technologies, providing HD images and being effective with any kind of lighting and weather condition. The recent debate in Italy about the possibility to install video cameras in kindergartens and hospices says it all. The aim is to turn this technology into a tool that can be a deterrent and a defence for weaker categories while respecting everyone’s privacy.

The spotlight will be also on other new developments in the security industry. The access control sector is getting smarter, thanks to electronic locks and increasingly sophisticated biometric solutions, which can archive and monitor thousands of different users. On the other hand, the anti-intrusion segment is becoming progressively more oriented towards the integration of home or office management functions that can be controlled remotely via apps.

State-of-the-art modular solutions and data transmission systems allow for the transfer of vast quantities of information in real time from all the various types of sensors, with the possibility of identifying anomalies and immediately monitoring situations and activities.

Besides efficiency, new security technologies are asked to face an important challenge, especially in view of the recent enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data processing is even more challenging because securing data goes beyond protecting them and preventing risks. In the Internet era, the security of data, things, and people is a strategic asset to ensure the benefit and effectiveness of any type of technology. Security is no longer just a technical matter, but a corporate governance responsibility. Whether we are talking about companies, cities, or shopping centres, security-related decisions are a value on which clients base their idea of reliability.

In this ever-changing context, players’ competency becomes essential, because security has become a topic for many people: constructors, designers, and installers (who must comply with the GDPR), as well as major users and private citizens, who can now integrate their security systems, thus being a resource for the entire community. The security culture is something that any constructor and representative of the supply chain are asked to feed continuously.

SICUREZZA 2019 will be back to consolidate all this with its rich panel of high-profile meetings, organised in collaboration with associations and publishers, and inform and update all the players of this industry.

After the success of this first edition, Smart Building Expo, the event organised by Fiera Milano and Pentastudio, will be back stronger than ever to provide designers, system integrators, facility and energy managers, as well as public administration, a richer and more complete offering, which includes smart building.

The two events will be very synergetic (Smart Building will take place in pavilion 6 together with a part of the SICUREZZA trade fair) and will have shared contents, thanks to a schedule including cross-cutting topics.

Smart Building Expo has always focused on the market’s evolution, and the 2019 edition will add new product sectors to those traditionally covered in the home and building automation field. The world of electricity self-production, especially using photovoltaic technology with a natural opening towards e-mobility infrastructure will join energy efficiency and smart lighting. The concept of Audio Video Control will extend to the outdoors, as an integral part of a smart city.

The design and start-up areas will be implemented thanks to the collaboration with some major Italian business incubators and accelerators. The smart city area will be the newest introduction of the 2019 edition, which will put the limelight on 5G deployment as an infrastructure enabling new applications in an urban environment.

To mark the investments in this strategic area, which is open to future developments, Smart Building Expo, together with a few institutional partners, is organising an important international Conference, which will take place during the trade fair. The conference is going to attract a highly qualified international audience, who will help enrich the event through best practices.

After Spain, Germany, and Romania, the SICUREZZA and Smart Building Expo promotional roadshow stopped in the South of Italy, in Bari for the Smart Building Levante event.

To present the latest developments of the next edition to the players from the South, SICUREZZA has promoted a conference on Integrated Safety with the service provided by professionals and industry players.

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