Free Webinar: Limited Staffing Concepts – The Hands-On Training Experience

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While we are not meeting in person in Philadelphia this month, the INTERSCHUTZ USA team is staying busy! Through the Digital Shift initiative, there will be an ever-growing lineup of free, virtual experiences for everyone to connect with one another and fulfill training needs!

We teamed up with Eckert Fire Tactics and National Fire Radio to bring you a LIVE FIRE training experience from your home base! Sign up once and take advantage of up to 4 separate training sessions PLUS giveaways from our sponsors! We are pumped about this one – don’t miss it!

The public we serve expects the very best of us, no matter our staffing level. Fire Department staffing differs nationwide, with many departments facing limited staffing or relying on mutual aid when arriving at a working fire. No matter the situation, there are a multitude of tasks that need to be completed upon arrival to successfully stabilize an incident.

As a fire department, we need to accept our reality, train for it, and properly deploy our resources to affect the greatest outcome. Focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t may make or break the incident. Many fire ground tasks can be completed by a sole firefighter. This class will focus on small unit coordinated tactics that include building construction, size-up, proper interior hose line placement, ventilation, and primary search. We’ll cover an array of specific fire ground situations that are carried out daily with limited staffing that result in positive outcomes. Sometimes, it is the quality of the firefighters on the fire ground (not the quantity) that have the greatest impact.

Sign up once and take advantage of up to four separate training sessions. Your registration also enters you into giveaways to take place throughout the day on October 17.

Schedule of Training Evolutions (in USA EDT)

0900hrs – Rapid Hose-Line Deployment, Placement & Operation

1100hrs – Forcible Entry Throughout

1300hrs – Vent Enter Search Techniques

1500hrs – Coordinated Vertical Ventilation

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