Free NCEC webinar – Best practice in Level 1 Emergency Response

Wednesday 29 January 2020 – 13:00 (GMT)

What does best practice in level 1 telephone emergency response look like?     

Join experts from Cefic, BASF and NCEC for an in-depth exploration of the Level 1 Emergency Response Guidelines.     

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How and why the guidelines came into being.
  • The most important aspects of the guidelines.
  • What the guidelines mean for chemical manufacturers, distributors, transporters and emergency responders.
  • Recommendations for implementing proactive emergency response to protect people, the environment, assets and reputation.     

The webinar will also feature several illustrative case studies to show how the guidelines apply in real world scenarios and the value they add when dealing with an incident. By the end of the webinar, you will have clear take away actions to review and implement.     

A live question and answer session will take place at the end of the webinar. Reserve your place today.

Peng Paternostre – Manager of Transport & Logistics, Cefic
Joost Naessens – Director of Transport & Logistics, Cefic
Gert Van Bortel – Vice President of BASF and ICE Network Chairman
Jon Gibbard – Director of NCEC
Chris Sowden – Head of Emergency Responder Team, NCEC

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