Euralarm and EUSAS conference on Fire detection and security in the aviation sector

The conference on Fire detection and security in the aviation sector, organized by Euralarm and EUSAS, takes place in Bremen on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 July 2018. Those who are interested in participating in the conference can download a leaflet from the Euralarm and EUSAS websites and register directly.

The joint Euralarm-EUSAS conference is aimed at representatives of airports, of the aviation industry, of the fire and security industry, test institutes, standard developers, practitioners and to scientists, who are interested in engineering and technologies of fire safety and security in the aviation sector.

This conference is about sharing experiences in the field of research, application and testing of fire safety and security technologies with the focus on aircraft and airport applications, but will also include aspects regarding passenger safety.

The first session in the conference is considering various aspects of fire detection and fire extinguishing in an aircraft. The second session changes the focus from fire detection to more integrated safety and security solutions as well as to evacuation and extinguishing in airports and aircraft.

During the second conference day, in the third and fourth sessions, the focus concentrates on early and effective fire detection technologies for different special applications of airports, like hangars or cable tunnels. After looking into current questions of security in luggage areas of airports, the final session will focus on evacuation and related human behaviour in crowded public areas such as in airports.

It is obvious that the conference will highlight a variety of today‘s aviation and airport-specific safety and security issues, providing attendees with an overview, deeper insights on special topics and inspire fruitful discussions.

Euralarm members and other stakeholders and interested parties are invited to participate in the Euralarm-EUSAS conference. A detailed flyer as well as a link to the registration site can be found via the website of Euralarm and Eusas